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Grant Baker joins ClickCheck. Read what rugby legends Maa'a Nonu and Nehe Milner Skudder as well as UFC Fighter Shane Young said about the importance of mental health.

ClickCheck Team
Mustafa Sheikh

Mustafa Sheikh

Mustafa sees that mental health is a major issue especially within the workplace and educational institutions. Loss of a friend and family members to suicide inspired an idea to help which lead to the founding of ClickCheck. He is also the founder of a prominent foundation helping Kiwi kids in poverty.

Grant Baker

Grant Baker

Grant is one of New Zealand's most established businessmen. He was part of the brains trust behind 42 Below and Trilogy International just to name a few. Grant is big on giving back having co-founded the Gut Cancer Foundation. He continues to spread positivity being an advisor to the board for ClickCheck.

ClickCheck 60-Second Interview

Ma'a Nonu

Rugby Legend

Ma'a Nonu Interview with ClickCheck about mental health

You have had an illustrious career and considered one of the all-time greats. What separates a good player from a great player?

You have got to start somewhere and that somewhere is always as a beginner. I didn’t always know how to pass properly or even read a game. Over time you experience highs and lows as a player - yet you get better by learning during games and going through losses to really know yourself!

Rugby is a team sport, so how important is improving the mentality and thinking of the team?

Mentality comes in all shapes - we all think differently and react differently- the key is to have the same mindset as a team and to work towards your goals as a team! You can think a lot of things! But it happens when you walk the walk and really show it through actions.

Why do you think people should care more about mental health?

Mental health is really important these days because we all go through things on our own. However, we are not alone, we always know people, we have families and friends. Deep down all that matters is what we think of ourselves. What can help with our mental health is writing down stuff we love and enjoy about ourselves - having good habits and really working hard towards your goals.

I love chocolate and ice cream, it doesn’t help me train better and it's not ideal for my weight while I’m playing - but it’s something that I love and for ME, I will still eat it knowing I’ll work it off during my next training, take time to treat yourself!

ClickCheck 60-Second Interview

Nehe-Milner Skudder

Rugby Legend

Nehe Milner Skudder Interview with ClickCheck about mental health

Do you think mental health is often ignored?

In some ways it is often ignored because I think there's a still a stigma around Mental Health - it's an issue which hasn't really been spoken about however the perception is starting to shift with people having more awareness and realising Mental Health actually does affect us all in some way - either directly or indirectly.

What’s a good solution?

Moving that awareness into education and equipping us all with tools to look after ourselves - to make sure our own wellbeing is being looked after so we can check in and offer support for family and friends. It can extremely difficult to reach out for support and it's the same with identifying someone who is struggling - because we've become good at wearing different Masks and making out that things are OK. So removing that stigma by people role modelling vulnerability and what reaching out looks, and also on the other side is learning how to reach in to offer that support for those in need as well.

Do you think there’s a correlation between mental health and one’s performance on/off the field?

Yep, being Mentally Fit definitely plays a huge role in performing whether it's on the field, in the office, in the classroom or at home. The better you feel about yourself and having strategies in place means you can focus on the moment and put all your attention and energy into whatever you're doing!

Understanding yourself, your triggers and also those of your teammates helps build the trust within a Team and allows you to perform at a high level.

ClickCheck 60-Second Interview

Shane Young

UFC Fighter

Shane Young Interview with ClickCheck about mental health

Rate the importance of mental health out of 100

∞(infinity)/100. Change your perspective and you'll see why!

The UFC is the highest level of mixed martial arts. What does it take to get to that level?

To get to where I am, personally it took a lot of building up my self belief, both as an athlete and a martial artist. The former being built via physical exertion, pushing my body beyond my own perceived limits, finding confidence in my physical abilities and attributes. The latter being built up through mental training, similar to what I put my body through but on a psychological, emotional and sometimes spiritual level. I have found that this is the true way to self mastery.

What's your favourite combination?

My favourite combination is the one that lands, the one they don’t see coming, the one that perhaps I don’t even see coming haha let it flow!

You train with a team, if one person is feeling down how does that affect the team's performance? How do you maintain positivity amongst your team?

Not in my team no, because my team is a Family. We are different than most teams and that’s why we have become the best in the world and will continue to dominate in the worlds fastest growing sport. Positivity isn’t hard to find when you are training with people you have love for. POSITIVITY IS THE RECIPE!

We grow together. Take care of your employees.