Ground breaking approach:

A fast, one click check-in that BOOSTS employee wellbeing and productivity.

Your employees are the life of your company. With ClickCheck you ensure they feel valued by the company they dedicate their life to.

A fast, one click check-in that BOOSTS employee wellbeing and productivity.

Why it's so effective:

Our extensive research on neuro-transmitters

ClickCheck was developed using science. Specifically, we investigated the use of technology to induce the secretion of neurotransmitters.


Why ClickCheck exists:

Having lost multiple loved ones to suicide I dedicated my life to finding a solution.

So I teamed up with medical specialists and we spent over a year researching methods to help employees. We've developed something amazing. It's the result of passion stemming from painful losses. We have some big names backing this project.

Our scientific approach:

MAIN COMPONENTS (Biogenic amines):

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We focused on the use of biogenic amines (neurotransmitters). Using technology to integrate with this system and as a result we were able to develop a very effective approach.

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Serotonin also known as 5-hydroxytryptamine is found in the area of the brain called the raphe nucleus. It is responsible for mood regulation amongst other processes.

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The 'happy hormone'. Neurons within the brain containing dopamine are active during emotional behaviours or pleasurable responses.


We've taken everything from our research and compiled it so your employees benefit at the touch of a button.


Drive well-being and BOOST productivity with ClickCheck.

Science works.

A full 360° approach on well-being

Our effective approach explained below:


An automated employee check-in system:
Our check-in system is the heart of ClickCheck and the point of interaction with your employees. Every few weeks your employees are sent a check-in to assess their well-being.

Chat Feature

Inclusion of multiple response methods
When your employees are prompted to check-in, they are also given an option of reporting how they feel anonymously. It's all about making a platform which your employees are comfortable using.

Well-being Exercises

Adding to the approach
We incorporate well-being exercises to assist your employees. These are quite essential for ensuring a sustained well-being approach. These are guided approaches designed with effectiveness in mind.

Healthy for your company:

Depression and anxiety cost the global economy an estimated $1 trillion each year in lost productivity. In the USA depression is thought to count for up to 400 million lost work days annually.



We're MASSIVE on privacy. What does this mean? We've structured our app so that every bit of information is stored securely and can't be accessed by other staff members. We also use encryption techniques to maintain a high level of security.


BOOST well-being with ClickCheck