How It Works

How it works:

Employees take a 30 second test every set interval (e.g. two weeks). Automatically sent via email no download required.

Our smart software will analyse the results and let you know if anyone needs assistance.

A secure alert is sent to you indicating a student needs assistance. Data is encrypted and protected to ensure 100% privacy.

We then send recommend advice on how to proceed. You may then also choose to use our on-demand counselling services.

On-Demand Counselling

If an alert is triggered you can choose for one of our counselor to deal with the issue. This is done via video chat/text and can be scheduled at anytime - even during after work hours.

Custom built for you!

You can even choose to add your own questions and integrate them with our smart software.

No fiddly apps or downloads required, our software operates based on emails. Every set interval (defined by you) your employees are sent out a test in the form of multiple choice questions. These questions have been specifically researched and developed to pinpoint issues a student may be facing. However, our software is so adaptable that you can also add your own. Our smart software then analyses the results and lets you know if the employee needs assistance.

Why does it work?

Our findings show us that people are much likely to disclose things within an online format opposed to in person. The earlier we can identify an issue, the better outcome for the employee and a decrease in resources required to deal with an escalated issue. It's the ability to check up on every one of your employees every few weeks.