Well-being system for over 200,000 children in New Zealand.

Youth have the highest rates of suicide. ClickCheck is here to make a difference. With support from our celebrity friends:
  • Stan Walker (Singer/Actor)
  • Joseph Parker (Boxer)
  • Ma'a Nonu (Rugby Legend)
  • Kendrick Nunn (NBA Player, Miami Heat)
  • Yohan Blake (Olympic Sprinter)

Interview with Rugby Legends Ma'a Nonu, Nehe Milner-Skudder and UFC Fighter Shane Young

Promotes a positive mindset, encourages speaking up about issues and combats bullying.

What we have developed will re-define wellbeing approaches.

Why ClickCheck exists:

Having lost multiple loved ones to suicide I dedicated my life to finding a solution.

So I teamed up with medical specialists and we spent over a year researching methods to help children. We've developed something amazing. It's the result of passion stemming from painful losses. Now we want to share it with those who need it most.

Support from collaboration with:

Auckland University of Technology

"Mental health is a serious matter in our contemporary society, especially for young people who are dealing with growing up, sometimes under difficult circumstances. So please accept our support for the concept you have developed, and our hope that it is successfully implemented and will make a significant difference to the lives and wellbeing of those who use it."

Dr Andrew Codling, Head of the Vice-Chancellor's Office

Why it's so effective:

Our extensive research on neuro-transmitters

Specifically, we investigated the use of technology to induce the secretion of neurotransmitters. The process was designed to assist everyone not just those who need help.


Our scientific approach:

MAIN COMPONENTS (Biogenic amines):

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We focused on the use of biogenic amines (neurotransmitters). Using technology to integrate with this system and as a result we were able to develop a very effective approach.

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Serotonin also known as 5-hydroxytryptamine is found in the area of the brain called the raphe nucleus. It is responsible for mood regulation amongst other processes.

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The 'happy hormone'. Neurons within the brain containing dopamine are active during emotional behaviours or pleasurable responses.

How it works:

A check-in system designed to assist children/young adults. No download needed to make it as accessible as possible with questions designed with assistance from medical experts. If a check-in detects a student needs help at school it will send an alert for assistance to their teacher. Research has concluded it's easier to speak up on an digital platform rather than having to muster the courage in person. Our goal is to illustrate the importance of speaking up. Seeking help is cool, it doesn't make one weak or less of a person.

Our check-in was built to look after your children.

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We want to remove the stigma around seeking help. We can’t wait till it’s too late. Be proactive.


Youth have the HIGHEST rate of suicide (aged 15–24 years)[1]

This app is a powerful tool for change. We're eliminating the financial barrier to access such support. It's our responsibility to help those who may not otherwise have the resources.

stats graph youth suicide
[1] Obtained from Ministry of Health Suicide Facts: 2016 data (provisional)


We're the developers of 'Meme Therapy' which will be used to help children.

ClickCheck Meme Therapy

We've been helping children and schools for almost 4 years. The team behind this project has been running a charity helping underprivileged kids through mentoring and donating clothes/uniform. We've used that knowledge and experience to design something that works for children. Making them feel valued and cared for. That someone cares about them and regularly checks on them.

We as the people must make change. We can't wait for change to happen. Some of our mates are supporting this project. This isn't paid support, they see the power of this and extended support.

Stan Walker

Singer, actor, and television personality

"Mental health is really, really important. There have been numerous times in my career I wouldn't have succeeded if I didn't focus on my mental well-being and it's ok to talk about it and seek help. I'm so proud to be supporting Mussie's project helping over 200,000 children".

Joseph Parker

Professional boxer

"Shout out to Mussie and his work on mental health. It is so important. In the ring mental strength is as important as physical strength. ClickCheck is an awesome tool and it's amazing he's sharing it with our communities. Keep it up!"

Kendrick Nunn

NBA Player, Miami Heat

"Mental health is extremely important. By me being mentally strong it helped me to stay positive. It helped me overcome some adversity during any point and time in my career. "

Yohan Blake

Olympic Sprinter

"Hey Mussie, just want to commend you on the work that you're doing back home in New Zealand. For me mental health is one of the most crucial things, the body and the mind. Because what ever you tell your mind to do that's what it does. If you get up every day and fill your mind with positivity, the mental aspect of your mind is going to believe in positivity. Every day don't tell yourself that you can't or you won't. Tell yourself you will and you can because you don't want your state of mind which is your mental health to get the better of you. What ever you tell your mind your body does. Mussie good work, keep it up. "


Project Founder

In 2017 at aged 22 Mussie founded a charity helping Kiwi kids in poverty. He grew up in a low socio-economic environment seeing a lot of struggle due to poverty. Bread helps children through mentoring and donation of uniforms, they donate 100% and don't take a cent for running it. This project was built on his pain in life but he hopes to use his pain to create meaningful projects to help others. He also uses music to raise awareness for kids in poverty and has worked with Kanye West's team.

Ma'a Nonu Interview with ClickCheck about mental health

Ma'a Nonu

Rugby Legend

You have had an illustrious career and considered one of the all-time greats. What separates a good player from a great player?

You have got to start somewhere and that somewhere is always as a beginner. I didn’t always know how to pass properly or even read a game. Over time you experience highs and lows as a player - yet you get better by learning during games and going through losses to really know yourself!

Rugby is a team sport, so how important is improving the mentality and thinking of the team?

Mentality comes in all shapes - we all think differently and react differently- the key is to have the same mindset as a team and to work towards your goals as a team! You can think a lot of things! But it happens when you walk the walk and really show it through actions.

Why do you think people should care more about mental health?

Mental health is really important these days because we all go through things on our own. However, we are not alone, we always know people, we have families and friends. Deep down all that matters is what we think of ourselves. What can help with our mental health is writing down stuff we love and enjoy about ourselves - having good habits and really working hard towards your goals.

I love chocolate and ice cream, it doesn’t help me train better and it's not ideal for my weight while I’m playing - but it’s something that I love and for ME, I will still eat it knowing I’ll work it off during my next training, take time to treat yourself!