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On demand well-being support to make employees feel GREAT. Show your employees you care.


Developed with the help of medical professionals and business leaders.

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Ensure Staff Wellbeing

Take care of your staff to ensure a productive and happy workplace. Show your employees you care about their well-being.

Medical Research

Developed with hundreds of hours researching workplace mental health and working with doctors to develop the most effective approach.

Smart Score Algorithm

Weekly test scores are taken and processed to provide a well-being score. Smart Check software analysis takes behavioral patterns into account.


All employee data is encrypted to ensure extra layers of security. Encryption means your staff information and results are kept safe.


The cost of mental health conditions to Australian businesses is nearly $11 billion per annum via lower productivity and a greater likelihood of being absent from work

Bailey, T., & Dollard, M. (2019). Mental health at work and the corporate climate: implications for worker health and productivity.



ClickCheck interview with Rugby Legends Ma'a Nonu & Nehe Milner-Skudder + UFC Fighter Shane Young

Learn how we use science to ensure your employee's well-being. Science Works.

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Our extensive research on neuro-transmitters to make your employees feel good.

Learn how we use science to ensure your employee's well-being. Science works.

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Providing over 200,000 children with support - Stan Walker, Joesph Parker, Ma'a Nonu, Yohan Blake and Kendrick Nunn.

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Veteran Insight:

"That’s why this project is a must. If I had this back then I would of been able to get support much sooner".

Read what Ste Nicholls says about mental health.

Veteran Insight


We also provide On-Demand Counselling

On-top of our weekly tests we also provide on-demand counselling. Expert advice from the comfort of your home.


Are you a registered psychologist?

We've got great packages for you to earn by working remotely. We've also got you covered with extra income from our referral programme.