Ensure your employee's mental well-being

On demand well-being support and tests to promote workplace mental well-being. Show your employees you care. It's free!


Developed with the help of medical professionals and business leaders.

Ensure Staff Wellbeing

Take care of your staff to ensure a productive and happy workplace. Show your employees you care about their well-being.

Medical Research

Developed with hundreds of hours researching workplace mental health and working with doctors to develop the most effective approach.

Smart Score Algorithm

Weekly test scores are taken and processed to provide a well-being score. Smart Check software analysis takes behavioral patterns into account.


All employee data is encrypted to ensure extra layers of security. Encryption means your staff information and results are kept safe.

How it works:

Employees take a 30 second test every set interval (e.g. two weeks). Automatically sent via email no download required.

Our smart software will analyse the results and let you know if anyone needs assistance.


We also provide On-Demand Counselling

On-top of our weekly tests we also provide on-demand counselling. Expert advice from the comfort of your home.

It's Science.

Why does ClickCheck work? With such widespread use of the internet and use of mobile apps (globally), online solutions have the potential to increase reach, effectiveness and regularity of mental well-being checks in comparison to traditional support systems. In this research paper we will contrast and compare traditional systems to online systems in the detection and support of employee mental well-being....

Why it works:

Proven to make it easier to speak out about issues. Why? It's easier to press a button to ask for help than disclose something face to face.

ClickCheck allows you to check up on your employees weekly - and it's fully automated.

The cost of mental health conditions to Australian businesses is nearly $11 billion per annum via lower productivity and a greater likelihood of being absent from work

Bailey, T., & Dollard, M. (2019). Mental health at work and the corporate climate: implications for worker health and productivity.

It's Free! Get started today.

Mental health is a major concern and we genuinely want to help. Our online test has shown to be a very effective tool at measuring workplace mental wellbeing.

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Mental Well-Being Tests

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Workplace mental wellbeing improvement tips

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Mental Well-Being Tests

Access to admin dashboard

Workplace mental wellbeing improvement tips

Customizable Tests

User set intervals

On demand Development Specialist team

24/7 Support


How do I know if one of my employees needs assistance?

Your dashboard will display employees who score below a certain threshold so support can be given. Your dashboard will also display useful information such as employee average score and recommended actions.


Can't I just ask them how they're feeling?

A secure, online test such as ours has a much higher percentage of detecting underlying issues. Talking in person can be emotional and daunting. Our test was designed to make the easiest possible process for seeking help. Our research shows online tests are 89% more effective.


How do my employees take the test?

We send automatic emails to your employees when it's time for a checkup (interval set by you). They don't even need to log in anywhere, simply press a link and press submit. It's never been easier.


Is it hard to use?

Ready to use with no setup required. With free support we'll be here to guide you through the process.

Giving Back

Social Responsibility

We aim to have provided 1000 counselling sessions to teenagers from struggling backgrounds.


Are you a registered psychologist?

We've got great packages for you to earn by working remotely. We've also got you covered with extra income from our referral programme.